The MEI Snippet Viewer is a client-side (pure JavaScript) utility to display notated music encoded in the MEI format on web pages. The viewer relies on the VexFlow music engraving library and the MEItoVexFlow converter.

Like VexFlow and MEItoVexFlow, the viewer is focused on Common Western Notation. It currently only supports a basic set of what can be expressed in MEI. If you're looking for a web application displaying variant readings, you should have a look at Zoltan Komives' MeiView, which uses MEItoVexFlow as a converter as well.


See the demo section for live demonstrations of features. Features include:

  • Display of scores and single voices
  • Clef and time signature changes
  • Multiple voices in a system
  • Lyrics and other score text
  • Automatic measure width calculation
  • an API for mouse event handling and highlighting

Browser compatibility

The viewer requires a modern browser (IE9+) with JavaScript enabled.


See the section Getting started.


You can fork or clone the source code at


To report an issue, please visit the project's GitHub page at